Volumen I, The 13th Apostle, Hearken Unto Me

Hearken unto me, my people and give ear unto me!
 Lift up thine eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath:
 For the heavens shall vanish away like smoke,
and the earth shall wax old like a garment,
And they that dwell therein shall die in like manner

My name is Mathias I am the 13th Apostle. over two thousand years ago I was witness to the murder of the mother of man and tasked with the archiving and preservation of the truth and the law as spoken by Yeshua and his sister wife Mirium. I am returned at this time that you call; the end of days, to again bear witness to the fall of the Sons of Man. I fell great sorrow and loneliness, for I am far from the eyes and ears of my Brothers and Masters. With who I labored in secret to kept the Law through these millennia. Some clusters have uncovered our ancient documents, hidden far and wide. The changing earth will uncover many more, hidden from me.

These days are filled with great noise, haste and confusion and the world clashes like cymbals in my soul. I seek peace and absolution in death. But again; I am tasked with a great responsibility - to reveal the words so long ago hidden, to re-open the eyes and ears of my Brothers, the Children of Light.

I find myself alone, as in the days of crucifixions and murders of my Brother Apostles, our followers and the departure of my companion Mirium and her sister Martha. Together we had labored and became as nomads, fleeing the wrath of Rome. Now I sit under electric light tapping keys on a board, instead of etching his words on a wax tablet or scroll to flickering light of a candle. But again I am filled with a sense of urgency, not to hide, but to reveal! The words I hid so long ago from the eyes of the anti-Christs; Saul of Tarsus and his new Roman church. It is time to reveal the truth of the Law of being. If Life is our desire and that has always been the desire of our Heavenly Father and our Earthly Mother to provide Life to us who are their Children: the family of Man. 

I look to the sun whose face is now hidden from my eyes and whose fire cannot reach the kernels of corn or warm the once mighty Oak. Men of power, the owners of food continue to do evil and have contempt for their victims. Theirs is a righteous belief in superiority over those whom they have enslaved. This contempt, like their contempt for a herd of buffalo allows them to believe it is time to cull the herd of man, for the good of man. They will tell you it is your patriotic duty, but do not allow yourself to be fooled by this falsity. For what is war, if not a culling, an opportunity to obtain more slaves, war is for the glory of the hunt and the slaughter is for pleasure and gain.

I feel our Mothers losses as I witness the dance of death and the struggle for survival taking place in the natural world; and this dance takes place inside of me. The men of this modern world remain blind to their slavery as were many of the slaves of Egypt and Rome. This new breed of slave performs under the illusion of freedom which works more effectively than did the chains and whips. They are as robots; who day after day labor for the owners of food, they labor for script printed by the owners of food and purchase the fruits of their labor and the products of their sweat from the owners of the food. This was part of the story told to the many thousands of converts at the time of Moses and again at the time of my Master, Yeshua the Nazarene.

Since Moses led his people out of Egypt, since the American emancipation the collection of slaves has not abated, our collective illusion of freedom is false. Our governments war for the same reason Ceasar or Alexandra or Atilla the Hun or the kings and queen's of the middle ages did. To create this civilization, resources and to have more mouths to labor for script to by food to enrich the owners of the food.

I reveal myself at this time because it is the time for heroes to be reborn and awaken; for the end of the empire is at hand and the Reign of Peace is on the eastern horizon! 

Do not think this will be an easy task, it will not be for the faint of heart. But for them who are blind and weak; we, the Children of Light, must labor, lead and we must become ourselves once more! 

So take heart and have courage my Brothers, for we are embarking on a journey that will uncover the lost words of the Son of Man and we will soar above the mundane levels of our lives. On this journey we will be confronted with ancient language and customs, but these are of no import on our journey back to the Law because words like Monsanto, Blackwater, BP Oil are simply the modern words to describe Satan's minions; like the demons of old. Symbols to give name to the enemy - who hides in plain sight.
Let them who must see, see - with eyes of wisdom and hear with ears of understanding for the ageless truths of the Holy Scrolls are now revealed.

"Long ago, before the Great Flood, the Great Ones walked the earth, and the giant trees, even those which now are no more than legend, were their home and their kingdom. They lived many score of generations, for they ate from the table of the Earthly Mother, and slept in the arms of the Heavenly Father, and they knew not disease, old age, nor death. To the Sons of Men did they bequeath all the glory of their kingdoms, even the hidden knowledge of the Tree of Life which stands in the middle of the Eternal Sea. 

But the eyes of the Sons of Men were blinded by the visions of Satan, and by promises of power, even that power which conquers by might and by blood. And then did the Son of Man sever the golden threads that bound him to his Earthly Mother and his Heavenly Father; he stepped from the Holy Stream of Life where his body, his thoughts, and his feelings were one with the Law, and began to use only his own thoughts, his own feelings, and his own deeds, making hundreds of laws, where before there was only One.

 And so did the Sons of Men exile themselves from their home, and ever since have they huddled behind their stone walls, hearing not the sighing of the wind in the tall trees of the forests beyond their towns."
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Moses and The Ten Commandments

And Mount Sinai was altogether in smoke because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly. And the Lord came down upon Mount Sinai, on the top of the mount: and the Lord called Moses up to the top of the mount: and Moses went up. And the Lord called unto Moses out of the mountain, saying, Come unto me, for I would give thee the Law for thy people, which shall be a covenant for the Children of Light. And Moses went up unto God. And God spoke all these words, saying,

I am the Law, thy God, which hath brought thee out from the depths of the bondage of darkness. Thou shall have no other Laws before me.

Thou shall not make unto thee any image of the Law in heaven above or in the earth beneath. I am the invisible Law, without beginning and without end.

Thou shall not make unto thee false laws, for I am the Law, and the whole Law of all laws. If thou forsake me, thou shall be visited by disasters for generation upon generation.

If thou keep my commandments, thou shall enter the Infinite Garden where stands the Tree of Life in the midst of the Eternal Sea.

Thou shall not violate the Law. The Law is thy God, who shall not hold thee guiltless.

Honour thy Earthly Mother, that thy days may be long upon the land, and honour thy Heavenly Father, that eternal life be thine in the heavens, for the earth and the heavens are given unto thee by the Law, which is your God.

Thou shall worship thy Heavenly Father on the evening of the Sabbath. The seventh day is the Sabbath: thou shall remember it, keep it holy. The Sabbath is the day of the Light of the Law, thy God. In it thou shall not do any work, but search the Light, the Kingdom of thy God, and all things shall be given unto thee. For know you that during six days thou shall work with the Angels, but the seventh day shall thou dwell in the Light of thy Lord, who is the holy Law.

Thou shall not take the life from any living thing. Life comes only from God, who gives it and take it away.

Thou shall not debase Love. It is the sacred gift of thy Heavenly Father.

Thou shall not trade thy Soul, the priceless gift of the loving God, for the riches of the world, which are as seeds sown on stony ground, having no root in themselves, and so enduring but for a little while.

Thou shall not be a false witness of the Law, to use it against thy brother: Only God knows the beginning and the ending of all things, for his eye is single, and he is the holy Law.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s possessions. The Law gives unto thee much greater gifts, even the earth and the heavens, if thou keep the Commandments of the Lord thy God.

And Moses heard the voice of the Lord, and sealed within him the covenant that was between the Lord and the Children of Light.

And Moses turned, and went down from the mount, and the two tablets of the Law were in his hand.

And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tablets.

And the people knew not what became of Moses, and they gathered themselves together and brake off their golden earrings and made a molten calf. And they worshipped unto the idol, and offered to it burnt offerings.

And they ate and drank and danced before the golden calf, which they had made, and they abandoned themselves to corruption and evil before the Lord.

And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing, and the wickedness of the people: and Moses' anger waxed hot, and he cast the tablets out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount.

And it came to pass on the morrow, that Moses said unto the people, Ye have sinned a great sin, ye have denied thy Creator. I will go up unto the Lord and plead atonement for thy sin.

And Moses returned unto the Lord, and said, Lord, thou hast seen the desecration of thy Holy Law. For thy children lost faith, and worshipped the darkness, and made for themselves a golden calf. Lord, forgive them, for they are blind to the light.

And the Lord said unto Moses, Behold, at the beginning of time was a covenant made between God and man, and the holy flame of the Creator did enter unto him. And he was made the son of God, and it was given him to guard his inheritance of the firstborn, and to make fruitful the land of his Father and keep it holy. And he who casteth out the Creator from him does spit upon his birthright and no more grievous sin does exist in the eyes of God.

And the Lord spoke, saying, Only the Children of Light can keep the Commandments of the Law. Hear me, for I say thus: the tablets which thou didst break, these shall nevermore be written in the words of men. As thou didst return them to the earth and fire, so shall they live, invisible, in the hearts of those who are able to follow their Law. To thy people of little faith, who did sin against the Creator, even whilst thou stood on holy ground before thy God, -I will give another Law. It shall be a stem law, yea, it shall bind them, for they know not yet the Kingdom of Light.

And Moses hid the invisible Law within his breast, and kept it for a sign to the Children of Light. And God gave unto Moses the written law for the people, and he went down unto them, and spake unto them with a heavy heart.

And Moses said unto the people, these are the laws which thy God hath given thee.

Thou shall have no other gods before me.

Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image.

Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Honor thy father and thy mother.

Thou shall not kill.

Thou shall not commit adultery.

Thou shall not steal.

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s house, or thy neighbor’s wife, or anything that is thy neighbour’s.

And there was a day of mourning and atonement for the great sin against the Creator, which did not end. And the broken tablets of the Invisible Law lived hidden in the breast of Moses, until it came to pass that the Children of Light appeared in the desert, and the angels walked the earth.

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I am alive. I am healthy. I am strong. I am beautiful. 

I love my life! 
I am so lucky – I am showered with good fortune and abundance in every way. 
God blesses every breath I take. 
I claim the Presence of Divine Life and I express it.

 Thank you for this beautiful morning. 
Thank you for the opportunity to experience this day.

Communion with the Angel of Work

The man of God who has found his task shall not ask any other blessing.
Angel of Work

Who sings in the humming of the bee, pausing not in its making of golden honey and in the flute of the shepherd, who sleeps not, lest his flock go astray. In the song of the maiden as she lays her hand to the spindle.

And if you think that these are not as fair in the eyes of the Lord as the loftiest of prayers echoed from the highest mountain, and then you do indeed err.

For the honest work of humble hands is a daily prayer of thanksgiving, and the music of the plough is a joyful song unto the Lord. 

He who eats the bread of idleness must die of hunger, for a field of stones can yield only stones. For him is the day without meaning, and the night a bitter journey of evil dreams. The mind of the idle is full of the weeds of discontent;

But he who walks with the Angel of Work has within him a field always fertile, where corn and grapes and all manner of sweet-scented herbs and flowers grow in abundance.

June 21, 2012

As you sow, so shall you reap

The man of God who has found his task shall not ask any other blessing.


God Speaks to Man

I speak to you
Be still, know I am God

I spoke to you when you were born
Be still, know I am God

I spoke to you at your first sight
Be still, know I am God

I spoke to you at your first word
Be still, know I am God

I spoke to you at your first thought
Be still, know I am God

I spoke to you at your first love
Be still, know I am God


Wiccan Laws

Bid ye the Wiccan Laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust.

Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will. And ever mind the rule of three,
what ye sends comes back to thee.
Follow this with mind and heart,
and merry meet and merry ye part.


After My Departure

After my departure there will arise the ignorant and the crafty, and many things will they ascribe to Me that I never spoke, and many things which I did speak they withhold. 

But the day will come when the clouds shall be rolled away, and the Sun of Righteousness shall shine forth with healing in his wings."

~Jesus, The Essene Gospel of Peace



Earthly Mother

The good growth of the Earthly Mother.
We praise the good, the strong, the beneficent Angel of Earth,

Who rejoices in the dew of heaven, in the fatness of the earth and in the abundant harvest of
corn and grapes.

We praise the high mountains, rich in pastures and waters, upon which run the
many steams and rivers.

We praise the holy plants of the Angel of Earth,
which grow up from the ground,
to nourish animals and men,
to nourish the Children of Light.

The earth is the strong Preserver,
The Holy Preserver,
the Maintainer!

We praise the strength and vigor of the powerful Preserver, the Earthly Mother


Who Am I

Honored by the Gods

All of our clan names mean Children of Light we who are Earths Guardians

I remember the smell of primordial soup, swimming in chlorophyll green
Leaving the water behind and the gift of light and sound,
The shedding of skins, the taste of hair and how it felt to shape shift and try on many suits
We co-join with Father Mother God in creation.

I lived for millennium with Enoch; at home in the great Trees
Mother provides every need and we are surrounded by faces alight with contemplation,
intelligence, illuminated reflections of earths bounty
Spring follows our footsteps we walk free with our beastly brothers

Atlantis is home and Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother is God
Our power is from the reflected and buried sun; we travel time and space
Taylor our last …Queen Salustra remembers it as;
More vivid than my present reality, more poignant, more agonizing and more joyful

I lived as hunter gatherer I see the fires reflection dancing with the paintings on the wall,
My head resting on a fur wrapped lap, beloved faces glowing in the warmth
I am secure in this world; I return many times
I trust my clan and my spirit 500,000 years ago

I have seen herds of woolly mammoth on the western horizon
Heard the earth's crust tremble when thousands of musk ox
Hasten across the barren landscape out-distancing a storm
Slept at water's edge to the cackle of hyena and the lions roar

Dragons fly, ogres love the mud and our boys all grow to men
Troy's giants live with us now and Helen still weeps for Paris
I remember Noah's ark and the magic that was drowned
Mothers' cries denied with the dehorning of loved Unicorn

Then I came East as witness to the laying of the desert giants, the
Mystery of the desert night and the mapping of the sky
Mother is now called Isis and the Sun and Moon are Gods
I am surrounded by scholars, scrolls and paneled curtains sway in the breeze

I return again as desert nomad, then as Mongol we walk across an ocean
To great expanses of snow, huge herds of beasts mountains of ice flow by
Animal totems are my God and I am called upon to lead
We follow Brother Bear into the north. My people live there still

I am alive; I walk in the River of Babylonia
I am there at the time of Christ and am near at the crucifixion
Many will forget so we write down his words and they go in all directions
He is Holy Ghost, he is Son of Man, he is Child of Light and he is Heavens' Beloved

I do not like the dark ages when great sorrow and darkness descend
As man becomes corrupt; he cannibalizes Mother and her Angels, kills everything he fears
He moves to the city and begins to leave family behind, hot fires pouring iron
All work to buy food and the church works with kings to enslave

There was land with rolling hills, near castles with keeps and knights on horseback
I can breathe the fabric of my gowns; feel their weight against my legs as I
Look across an early morning field and listen for the sound of his horse
Hooves falling softly on the still darkened road

I remember a drowning at sea and a fall down wide marble stairs
A grievous wound to my neck and a burning, there was a suicide
Tortured and confined I remember they came and took that life away
My best death a peaceful walk into the white to lie with snow angels; drift away

Who am I? I am a Child of Light the rightful heir to the Kingdoms of God
I am Wise Woman, philosopher, Apostle, witness, scribe, prostitute and murderer
A healer, warrior, the life of nun; a convent with silent prayers
I have been man and woman, elf and even a beast or two

I am a prodder of thought and the sculptor of a galaxy, I have even dreamt a world
I remember my past to remember my future from everlasting to everlasting


Moon Meditation

To the luminous Moon which keeps within itself the seed of many species. Let there be invocation with sacrifice and prayer when the light of the Moon waxes warmer, golden hued plants grow up from the earth. During the season of spring we sacrifice to the New Moons and to the Full Moons.

The crescent of the New Moon is full of holy Peace and we sacrifice to the Angel of Peace. The bright, the glorious, the water-giving, the warmth-giving, the wisdom-giving, the thoughtfulness-giving, the freshness-giving, the healing one, the Moon of Peace! With silent and peace-giving light the Moon shines upon the pastures, the abodes, the waters, the lands and the plants of our earthly garden.

The Moon and the Sun, the holy Wind and the Stars without beginning, self-determined and self-moved, all are regulators of the Holy order, of the days and nights, of the months and years. The face of the Moon changes its aspect, yet is ever the same: as the Holy Law doth reveal a different face to each of the Children of Light, yet is unchanged in its Essence.

We invoke the New Moon and the Moon that is waning, and the Full Moon that scatters the Night, the yearly festivals and the seasons of the Heavenly Father. For it was he who gave the moon her increase and her decrease, that through her we might know the movements of the day and of the night. 

Thou silver and luminous moon! We are grateful that we may look on you and see in your reflection the blessed face of our Earthly Mother.

Among the world of the sons of men, the Brothers of Light are flames of radiance, as the stars pale in the presence of the bright and shiningmoon.

The moon walks in brightness across the sky, and delights in the Holy Law that fills our hearts with

Peace, Peace, Peace, Holy Angel of Peace

 Illumine the silver moon with thy holiness, that all may look upon its beauty and feel thy eternal Peace. The desert sky is blue with night, and we see the first ray of the New Moon chaste and beautiful. Then do the Brothers greet one another, saying, "Peace be with thee!

Peace Be With Thee!"


Wednesday Morning Communion with the Angel of Sun

Angel of Sun
She comes each morning as a bride from her chamber, to shed her golden light on the world. O thou immortal, shining, swift-steeded Angel of the Sun! There is no warmth without you, no fire without you, and no life without you. As green leaves of the trees do worship you, and through you does the tiny wheat kernel become a river of golden grass, moving with the wind. Through you is opened the flower in the center of my body. Therefore will I never hide myself from you Angel of Sun, Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother, enter the Holy Temple within me and give me the Fire of Life!
Angel of Sun, enter my body and let me bathe in the fire of life

And you will feel the rays of the rising sun enter into the center point of your body, there in the center where the angels of day and of night mingle, and the power of the sun shall be yours to direct to any part of your body, for the angels dwell therein.


Saturday Morning Communion with the Earthly Mother

Our Earthly Mother, who sends forth her Angels to guide the roots of man and sends them deep into the blessed soil, we invoke the Earthly Mother! The Holy Preserver! The Maintainer! It is she who will restore the world! The earth is hers, and the fullness of the world, and they that dwell therein. We worship the good, the strong, the beneficent Earthly Mother and all her Angels, bounteous, valiant, and full of strength; welfare-bestowing, kind, and health-giving. Through her brightness and her glory the winds blow, driving down the clouds and the plants that grow up from the earth by the never-failing springs. The Earthly Mother and I are one. I have my roots in her, and she takes her delight in me according to the Holy Law. I feel the power of the Earthly Mother flowing through my body like the river when it is swollen with rains and courses mightily with a great noise.

The Earthly Mother and I are one. Her breath is my breath; her blood is my blood; her bone, her flesh, her bowels, her eyes and ears are my bone, my flesh, my bowels, my eyes and ears. Never will I desert her, and always will she nourish and sustain my body.


Friday Morning Communion with the Angel of Air, Breath!

We worship the Holy Breath which is placed higher than all the other things created. In the midst of the fresh air of the forest and fields, there shall you find the Angel of Air. Patiently she waits for you to quit the dank and crowded holes of the city. Seek her then, and breath deeply of the healing draught which she offers thee. Breathe long and deeply that the Angel of Air may be brought within you. The rhythm of your breath is the key of knowledge. The Angel of Air soars on invisible wings: yet you must walk her unseen path if you would see the face of God. Sweeter than the finest nectar of honeyed pomegranate is the fragrance of the wind in the grove of cypress. Holy is the Angel of Air, who does cleanse all that is unclean and gives to all things a sweet odor.

Paraphrased and rendered in contemporary language from Essene Gospel of Peace Book 3 By Izora Woods