Saturday Morning Communion with the Earthly Mother

Our Earthly Mother, who sends forth her Angels to guide the roots of man and sends them deep into the blessed soil, we invoke the Earthly Mother! The Holy Preserver! The Maintainer! It is she who will restore the world! The earth is hers, and the fullness of the world, and they that dwell therein. We worship the good, the strong, the beneficent Earthly Mother and all her Angels, bounteous, valiant, and full of strength; welfare-bestowing, kind, and health-giving. Through her brightness and her glory the winds blow, driving down the clouds and the plants that grow up from the earth by the never-failing springs. The Earthly Mother and I are one. I have my roots in her, and she takes her delight in me according to the Holy Law. I feel the power of the Earthly Mother flowing through my body like the river when it is swollen with rains and courses mightily with a great noise.

The Earthly Mother and I are one. Her breath is my breath; her blood is my blood; her bone, her flesh, her bowels, her eyes and ears are my bone, my flesh, my bowels, my eyes and ears. Never will I desert her, and always will she nourish and sustain my body.


Friday Morning Communion with the Angel of Air, Breath!

We worship the Holy Breath which is placed higher than all the other things created. In the midst of the fresh air of the forest and fields, there shall you find the Angel of Air. Patiently she waits for you to quit the dank and crowded holes of the city. Seek her then, and breath deeply of the healing draught which she offers thee. Breathe long and deeply that the Angel of Air may be brought within you. The rhythm of your breath is the key of knowledge. The Angel of Air soars on invisible wings: yet you must walk her unseen path if you would see the face of God. Sweeter than the finest nectar of honeyed pomegranate is the fragrance of the wind in the grove of cypress. Holy is the Angel of Air, who does cleanse all that is unclean and gives to all things a sweet odor.

Paraphrased and rendered in contemporary language from Essene Gospel of Peace Book 3 By Izora Woods